Focal Speakers

Focal and Focal Professional are available with registered trademarks of Focal- JMlab French Company, which is famous for the manufacturing of consumer and professional audio products. The company was founded in the year 1979 in Saint-Etienne, France by audio engineer Jacques Mahul, and JMLab stands for Jacques Mahul’s Laboratory and for the last 25 years of its existence, Focal Speakers has advanced and developed itself with a development of new technology in the recent scenario. Focal has also showed a development as a harmonious research and production system. It is also working continuously to improve their products and introduce new ones to be the most accurate reproduction of music.

Focal-JMlab designs, manufactures and distributes audio products in three main directions:

a) Home audio products branded as Focal (former brand name was JMLab) consist of loudspeakers for two- or multichannel sound reproduction, including active stylish compact and Apple iPod/iPhone oriented systems

Focal Speakers

b) Mobile audio products branded as Focal consist of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers

c)Professional audio products branded as Focal Professional consist of active monitors and subwoofers for sound recording studio and home studio.

Today’s world is a ‘World of Globalization’ and most of the companies are hunting for cheaper production methods to splinter their organization. But Focal has opted for a difference. It has expanded and grown tremendously through the years. The company has groomed itself with a learning strategy about the new innovations which is not simply work carried out but also the management system.

The company has also introduced Beryllium in their top products, which has now become a worldwide reference. The philosophy represents the company’s entire range of car speakers and also the commitment of providing the best in sound, music quality with a benchmark of award winning quality and products. The result of the commitment showed a complete line of car speakers that has a goal that it is the most faithful reproduction of music and sound. And here is the difference that Focal Speakers shows, that is, the difference with a core strength of the brand and the company.

The company let you the costumers to discover the world of Focal sound quality with Access, a range that incorporates technology, performance and affordability. The same focal character and their philosophy of the spirit of sound is displayed by the extreme attention to detail found at every development stage for the various speakers within the access line. The speakers has very essential components in every respect, in terms of quality of reproduction, richness of sound and image detail is the inverted dome alumunium tweeter to represent a unique focal technology.

With the spirit one, focal’s concept of the spirit of sound has hit the streets with its iPhone compatible headphones, which retain all the brands traditions concerning innovation, pleasure and top level audio performance. The spirit one is not just the another model on the headphones market: it offers the guarantee of irreproachable focal sound and of acoustic equipment whose every detail has been studied and researched to ensure perfection and user pleasure.


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