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Focal Speakers

Focal Speakers are the quality speaker manufacturers developing world-class speakers and headphones that produces great sound experience and studio like sound for any kind of music. Focal speakers are available in various designs and types, along with developed for variety of uses.

The focal speakers are available in a variety of applicable fields and models as for home audio systems, Car audio systems, and Pro studio and Home studio. All of these speakers are available in certain attractive designs and materials. The Home use speakers are available in following types:

a) HiFi loudspeakers- These are usually built for home based loudspeakers. The speakers are developed with class technology to match the need of a household weather it is about listening to melodious music or its time of partying, these speakers do it all with ease.

Focal Speakers

b) These HiFi loudspeakers are available in 4 various designs as per the need and use, Floor standing loudspeakers, Bookshelf loudspeakers, Subwoofers, and Design & compact loudspeakers.

c) Home Theater loudspeakers- Focal Speakers are also providing Home theater loudspeakers. These speakers are perfect match for any home theater system and are essential for a nice experience of a movie or a rock concert. The sound effects are as important part of a movie as any other aspect of it is, and these speakers just provide you the same with great quality.

d) Home theatre loudspeakers by Focal are also available in few different designs as, Floorstanding loudspeakers, Center loudspeakers, Bookshelf loudspeakers, Subwoofers, compact loudspeakers, and Surround loudspeakers.

e) Multimedia Systems: Focal speakers present multimedia systems that are elegant in design aspect and perfectly capable of holding the fun to maximum. The Multimedia systems are supporting most multimedia systems and provide a sound experience as a live music.

f) Integrated systems: Focal speakers also offers uniquely designed speakers that fit just in the need of its user. Such designs are made for fixed speakers, and involve In-Wall loudspeakers, Outdoor loudspeakers, and In-Ceiling loudspeakers.

Focal speakers are also available in many designs for cars and are available for installation in cars. The speakers for car audio systems are of various types and the types are as described:

a) Coaxial speakers kits

b) Elliptical Coaxial kits

c) 2 way kits

d) 3 way kits

e) Plug&Play Dedicated kits

f) Subwoofers

g) Tweeter

Focal is also a market leader in the development of Amplifiers, and the amplifiers are available in many types as Monobloc, 5 channel, 4 channel, 3 channel, along with Bass devices as Bus, Box, and Amplifier box.

Focal also introduced its speakers in headphone segments as well. The headphones available are offering great sound experience and studio quality effects. The headphones are available in series-

Spirit One Headphones:  These are the first headphone designs produced by Focal. The headphones are compatible with most devices, and are comfortable and light. The closed back design covers the ears completely and provides a great music listening experience.

The headphones have a bandwidth suitable for these devices. Focal headphones provide the sound experience of a studio as high-definition audio. The headphones come with voice cancellation technique to reduce the external noise to minimum ad produce the studio alike audio experience.


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